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This course hasn't launched just yet, but places are filling up fast. Please register your interest here and we'll get back to you with all the details.

About the Programme

The Investment Readiness Programme has been created for people who want to raise investment to develop and take a new idea or venture to market. This programme will help you to create and deliver a robust and compelling pitch.


Module 1 – Introduction to Raising Finance

During this module participants will be introduced to design thinking and the Yohlar Investment Readiness Framework and how it can be used to enhance their investment proposition. Participants will also learn how different types of investment (and investors) are better suited to different business models and propositions. Participants will then learn about the dynamics of an effective pitch and deck and how different elements appeal to different types of investors.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the different types of investment and how they apply to your venture and business model.

  • Understand different types of investors and what excites them.

  • Understand the key considerations for becoming investment ready.

  • Introduction to design thinking and how this can be used to strengthen the investment proposition.

  • Build an outline understanding of the key elements of an effective pitch and deck.


Module 2 – Storytelling and pitching

Telling a robust, well researched and compelling story to investors is key to a successful investment round. This module will examine the importance of storytelling and how it helps to build a connection with investors during a pitch. Participants will also learn top tips for delivering their pitch with confidence and conviction.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to structure and create a compelling story for your investment proposition.

  • Build confidence for pitching through the development of presentation skills.

  • Learn how to use tools and techniques to make your pitch more engaging.

  • Learn how to use investment readiness levels to understand how close you are to delivering your perfect pitch.


Module 3 – Regulation and Legislation

Module 3 focuses on the area that many entrepreneurs naturally veer away from, it is however essential that anyone seeking external investment understands the regulatory and legislative environment. This workshop looks at the organisations responsibilities and obligations from a legal standpoint and also in relation to different methods of raising finance.

Learning objectives

  • Build a full understanding of your legal responsibilities.

  • Understand the regulation needed to receive investment.

  • Understand how different regulation applies differently in different situations.

  • Be able to identify when regulation may become an issue.


Module 4 - Presenting your Perfect Pitch

Module 4 draws together the learning from the first three modules, bringing your pitch deck to life! During this module, participants will learn about the specifics of pitching and actively put them to practice in the formation of their pitch deck. During this dynamic process, tutors will provide real time feedback making sure that pitch decks are clear, attractive and tell a compelling story. Participants will be introduced to the Yohlar Pitch Deck template which covers all the content that investors require to make considered investment decisions.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what investors are looking for from a pitch and a deck.

  • Understand the principles of, and how to use, the Yohlar Pitch Deck template to put together a great pitch deck

  • Use the Yohlar Pitch Scoring framework to critically evaluate your and others’ pitches and decks.


Module 5 - Pitch Practice

The fifth module is exciting, exhilarating, and daunting in equal measure. This is when it all comes together, participants build on the learning from the previous modules and practice their own pitches live in front of one another providing constructive feedback and support. This is a powerful process that allows participants to test drive, strengthen and fine tune their pitches.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what it’s like to deliver your pitch to a live audience.

  • Understand how to make your pitch more engaging, interesting, and compelling.

  • Build your confidence, presentation skills and learn tactics for handling nerves.

  • Learn how to anticipate, prepare for, and answer difficult questions and curve balls.


Grand Finale Event

The Grand Finale event is where participants deliver their Perfect Pitch and could walk away with an actual investment being made! Through the Yohlar Investor Relations network a carefully matched pool of investors will be drawn together to listen to and assess participants pitches. As well as considering whether to invest in the propositions being put forward, investors will also provide constructive feedback and guidance designed to strengthen participants pitches and decks further.

Ammar Mirza CBE

Programme Leader

Ammar Mirza CBE

Ammar Mirza CBE is an award winning leadership & business management consultant as well as being a serial entrepreneur with interests and investments across a number of sectors. Over a 15 year period he has helped establish several hundred new companies with a focus on developing the mindset, skillset and toolset of individuals, teams and organisations.

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