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Healthcare transformed through innovation with
Yohlar Health 

At Yohlar, we are dedicated to empowering organisations within the NHS and beyond, including Doctors, GP Practices, Dentists, Opticians, Pharmacies, and Care Homes to overcome challenges and achieve lasting impact through innovation.  

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Speak to our innovation team:

Our experts work with healthcare organisations to introduce innovations that improve patient outcomes when addressing growing challenges such as:


Extra post-pandemic demands 


Stringent Regulatory Environment


Shortage of Skills & Resource


Rising costs


Growing Privacy Concerns


Addressing Health Inequality

It's time to ignite your innovation superpower!

As leading innovation experts, we provide a unique, world-first approach to learning and development that unlocks your potential and drives impactful change – we help you fix things or make them better! 


Watch Yohlar founder Ammar Mirza CBE introduce Yohlar Health...


Driving Success with a Revolutionary Approach


We believe that in order to remain relevant, resilient, and responsive, organisations need people equipped with the right Toolset, Skillset, and Mindset.  

This is
'The Yohlar Power of 3'.

Our suite of learning experiences, resources, and qualifications is designed to equip individuals and teams with the necessary tools to innovate and create a lasting impact in the primary healthcare sector. 

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Innovative Solutions for
Primary Healthcare Challenges 

Yohlar Health has actively partnered with prominent organisations within the NHS such as a local ICB (Integrated Care Board) and Academic Health and Science Network (AHSN), where our bespoke programmes were utilised to address specific needs and goals.


Integrated Care Board for North East and Cumbria - NHS England 

Case Study

Aejaz Zahid engaged Yohlar through the Academic Health Science Network to help develop and deliver a Rapid Discovery and Stakeholder Engagement Session to identify barriers and opportunities across the AHSN' Innovation Pathway – a system developed to build a clearer picture of the interconnectivity and opportunities within the health and life sciences eco-system in the North East. 

Yohlar incorporated the Yohlar Power of Three - to deliver an interactive, inclusive, and engaging session for over one hundred participants that fed into the creation of a Research and Innovation Strategy with buy-in and contributions from all stakeholders. 

By embracing the Yohlar Mindset, just like the ICB, you can explore opportunities, optimise operational efficiency, and create innovative solutions to enhance patient care and drive organisational growth.

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Embrace Business Innovation and Be Rewarded 

At Yohlar Health, we firmly believe that innovation is key to making a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

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Our world-first Level 6 Award in Innovation:

Equips you with the tools, skills and mindset to drive innovation & accelerate health research to improve patient care 

Allows you to invest in your people with CPD that is both enjoyable and practical 

Is a formal Level 6 (post-graduate level) qualification  

Accredited by SFEDI and the IOEE.

A college of images from the latest Discovery Workshop, people sat and stood working on their business' biggest challenges

Person-Centred Transformation of Primary Health Care 

Yohlar’s person-centred approach helps participants to: 

  • Work alongside your existing system (for example, PharmOutcomes, FourteenFish, MyKitCheck, Lantum) to facilitate seamless operations and enhanced patient experiences 

  • Expand horizons and encourage out-of-the-box thinking

  • Discover, develop and deliver new systems, ideas and modernisations leading to improved patient outcomes and increased primary care efficiency. 

By leveraging the power of innovation, we enable you to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare. 

Partner with Yohlar Health Today 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards innovation and enjoy success in primary healthcare?  

Contact us now to learn more about our bespoke programs and how we can tailor our expertise to your organisation's specific needs. 

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