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Discovery Workshops for Innovation
"Fix something and make it better"

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"Such a fun, interactive and engaging day away from the office,
to explore and help develop our business model!"

One day to innovate.

We understand how valuable time is and that is why we have created the One Day to Innovate Workshop.  Within one day you will learn how to rapidly overcome challenges holding you and your organisation back.


Validate your current business model to identify service and process, maybe even new product, improvements.  Using our battle tested approach that has helped over 12,500 individuals and organisations thrive, we will help you innovate your business model, ultimately creating, capturing and delivering more value to your customers and you.


Use this one-day action orientated workshop to help get you ready for 2024 using the Power of 3 for sticky, sustainable and successful business transformation.

for only
£499 per person

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Are you struggling with:

  • Rising Costs.

  • Access to Skills

  • Customer Demand or Decline


Do you want to:

  • Embed a person-centred thriving culture

  • Create a scaleable and successful business model

  • Raise investment or increase the value of your business


Or are you simply lost and need some inspiration on how you can fix things AND make them better? 

Then join the world leading authority on business model innovation and experience the ‘ Yohlar Moment ’.


What does a Yohlar workshop look like?


Join a group of like-minded individuals, other business owners and leaders, or even just your own team with the intention of learning, exploring and problem solving for a day full of fun, action orientated and value driven activities.

Our Yohlar Methodology incorporates traditional Design Thinking approaches that integrate some great tools that we have adopted and adapted including Business Model, Value Proposition and Team Alignment Canvas’, Scale-up Strategies and much more.  However, we constantly improve and innovate our approach and the workshop brings together Design Thinking, Data Analytics and Service Design to truly help you innovate and improve your Business Model.   


We will start by undertaking a detailed diagnostic to ensure the day is tailored to you and clearly define what success looks like. 


Working through the Peer Network and Inclusive Innovation Framework the day will end with a fully validated Business Model that has been innovated.


All of our approach is driven by our value-add guarantee, if we cannot add value we don’t get involved.

Plus afterwards we will provide all your own digitised 'Mural Boards' captured from the workshop for you to take away along with a new innovative mindset.

“One of the best parts of the day is when everyone at the workshop is asked to contribute something to help solve your problem. Having fresh third-party input usually ends up providing something you have never explored or thought about. “ - Steven James

We call it 'that Yohlar moment'.

Based on a 'World's First' Level 6 Innovation Framework:

Ultimately we call it - The Power of 3.

1. Use The Yohlar Toolkit

From 'Design Thinking' to Business Model Innovation methodologies, Yohlar provides people with a set of world-class tools and teaches you how to use them.

2. Gain a Yohlar Skillset

Yohlar provides all participants with a deep understanding of how to utilise our tried and trusted methodologies. The Yohlar Skillset is brought to life by our experienced delivery consultants throughout the programme.

3. Adopt the Yohlar Mindset

Having the right mindset is fundamental for success. Yohlar programmes are designed to develop your perception, thought, behaviours and values. Yohlar embeds a mindset that drives a proactive, energised, and positive approach to continuous value creation and business model innovation.

Who are Yohlar?

Collectively we are a team of innovation trailblazers including:


50+ Subject matter experts - from across all disciplines and sectors

We've helped numerous organisations overcome common challenges such as resistance to change, lack of resources, risk aversion, inadequate skills and training, poor communication, and limited stakeholder engagement.

Success Story:

Aejaz Zahid

Executive Director of Research and Innovation Integrated Care Board, North East and North Cumbria– NHS England

Commissioned Yohlar to help develop and deliver an inclusive, engaging and fun session that assisted in co-creating a programme of work, with buy-in from all stakeholders. to help establish a Research and Innovation Strategy and the launch of the Health and Life Sciences Pledge in partnership with the AHSN.

Success Story:

Jalf Ali

Director - Asian Business Connexions

Adopted Yohlar Discovery Toolkit to help meaningfully engage Stakeholders and develop a bespoke roadmap unique to each organisation to help embed inclusion. 

Exploiting strengths and addressing barriers helping change beliefs and behaviours.

ABC is now leading on the regional #Inclusionbydefault campaign.

Success Story:

Derek Lister

Managing Director - Nicander

A scaling Intelligent Transport Systems company that has grown exponentially.  Nicander develops and delivers world class Digital Solutions to help improve and enhance passenger journeys across all modes of transport. 


Wanted to develop and embed an innovative culture and used Yohlar toolkits to do so to help foster an innovation value driven organisation.

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The whole workshop was excellent!
I was hugely impressed at what we were able to achieve as a team with such excellent facilitators

Jannette Archer, NHS

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