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Inclusion through Innovation
How inclusive is your organisation?

Did you know that companies that embed global diversity and inclusion
are 2.2x more likely to be world-class innovators?

Inclusion By Default.

Creating an effective inclusive workplace is not always as easy as simply hiring more diversely and writing a policy (a ticky box exercise?).


A truly inclusive workplace is somewhere that people feel belonging, openness and equality.


That's why we have developed a new survey to tell you how inclusive your organisation really is.


It takes only 1 minute of your time, and you will receive a complete report: 


Inclusion through Innovation


A truly inclusive workplace is a place where people feel belonging, openness and equality (McKinsey's 3 indicators of inclusion).


But how can you create and embed this culture within your organisation?

Inclusive Innovation Framework

Adapting our Power of 3, we have created an Inclusive Innovation Framework to do just that.

Our IIF is an action orientated and person centred innovation framework to help develop and deliver an inclusive approach that makes a real difference to every one within your organisation.

The framework includes a series of workshops and exercises that will leave you with a validated action plan to accelerate your JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) powers and move away from a traditional, and sometimes ineffective approach to inclusion.

Need your own bespoke Inclusion Workshop

27% of adults in the North East report experiencing discrimination at work?


The North East region also has significant health inequalities, low ethnic diversity and a low employment rate, with older, disabled, ethnic minority and female workers most likely to be unemployed.

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Inclusion through Innovation with Asian Business Connexions

In partnership with Asian Business Connexions and led by Ammar Mirza CBE, Yohlar has been at the forefront of inclusion by co-creating the Inclusive Innovation framework (IIF) that can be applied across the board to any company ensuring real and effective inclusion. 

Based on a 'World's First' Level 6 Innovation Framework:

Ultimately we call it - The Power of 3.

1. Use The Yohlar Toolkit

From 'Design Thinking' to Business Model Innovation methodologies, Yohlar provides people with a set of world-class tools and teaches you how to use them.

2. Gain a Yohlar Skillset

Yohlar provides all participants with a deep understanding of how to utilise our tried and trusted methodologies. The Yohlar Skillset is brought to life by our experienced delivery consultants throughout the programme.

3. Adopt the Yohlar Mindset

Having the right mindset is fundamental for success. Yohlar programmes are designed to develop your perception, thought, behaviours and values. Yohlar embeds a mindset that drives a proactive, energised, and positive approach to continuous value creation and business model innovation.

Who are Yohlar?

Collectively we are a team of innovation trailblazers including:


50+ Subject matter experts - from across all disciplines and sectors

We've helped numerous organisations overcome common challenges such as resistance to change, lack of resources, risk aversion, inadequate skills and training, poor communication, and limited stakeholder engagement.

How inclusive is your organisation?

Take our quiz to find out!

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