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Hola from Yohlar!

We are an innovation team who enjoy fixing things, or making them better.

What do we really do?

Here at Yohlar, we provide teaching, training and coaching for any individual or organisation looking to develop their innovation skills and mindset. 

Through bespoke courses, workshops and webinars we are committed to encouraging, enabling and empowering individuals and organisations to better innovate and realise their potential.

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We also love telling stories, here's ours...

Our founder, Ammar Mirza CBE, has always had a deep interest in innovation, whether asking "how might we?" at school to constantly experimenting at home.


Fuelled by being part of significant technological advances including the roll-out of Residential Internet in the mid 1990's, leading on major infrastructure and global transformation projects, Ammar has immense experience to underpin his multi-award-winning expertise.

After 20 years of developing and delivering numerous programs including Accelerator, Scale Up, Investor Readiness and Internationalisation, working with businesses and organisations across all sectors globally, we established that the single biggest contributor to growth and unlocking untapped potential is innovation.


This realisation led to the creation of Yohlar.

Creation of a new combined framework for innovation.

Drawing from Ammar's passion and experience, working in partnership and recruiting other academic and industry experts, we developed a new three-tiered innovation framework: a toolset, skillset, and mindset, which became the backbone of Yohlar.


We call it our Power of 3 Framework.

Developing a world's first Level 6 qualification.

Ammar went onto develop Yohlar's suite of world-first fully accredited Level 6 qualification's including Business Model Innovation.


Providing a global quality standard for innovation and a framework for all innovation practitioners to follow, focusing on creating, capturing and delivering consistent value.

Our Innovation Trailblazers

We are an enthusiastic, fun and engaging bunch of innovation experts.

We have collaborated with diverse organisations, gaining valuable insights and honing our expertise along the way. This journey of growth and evolution has allowed us to refine our offerings, tailor our solutions, and stay at the forefront of innovation.

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Ammar Mirza CBE

Yohlar Founder & Business Model Innovation Leader

An energetic and highly motivated business leader qualified and experienced across the public, private and third sectors, specialising in innovation, digital transformation and internationalisation. 


Dr Phil Veal

Specialising in innovation, creative strategy change management, and design thinking

Design thinker and owner of the Human Centred Design / Innovation agency Silbo ltd and Lego Serious Play Facilitator.


Rob Kleiser

Director at Heyllo! Limited & Skills and Talent Solutions


Passionate about the power of people, and therefore working to advise businesses around all aspects of talent management to ensure their current and future employees perform to the highest performance standards.


Laura Barker

Director of Learning & Development, SME CofE

Working with organisations who want to retain and develop the working parents within their teams by providing coaching and training that supports their growth and increases engagement, fulfillment and productivity.

We've made things better for these organisations:

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