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Be an Innovation Trailblazer

Gain recognised innovation credibility and authority with a World’s first Level 6 qualification.

Course Title: Level 6 Award in Business Model Innovation

Our Level 6 Awards are Ofqual regulated by SFEDI. Our professional body membership is provided by the IOEE.

Course Overview

Our complete Level 6 Business Model Innovation Course is designed to train you to become innovation trailblazers for yourself, or within your organisation, no matter what level you are in your development. 

Using our unique combination of world-leading techniques, such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play and others with a deeper understanding, where we will help you work through your own real-life challenge or opportunity.

Through the application of our unique Power of 3 innovation framework, we will take you through the full process to become accredited innovation experts, learning how to fix things and make them better and gain a world’s first Level 6 qualification in Business Model Innovation.

Our unique framework goes beyond familiar toolkits by learning a complete set of new skills, developing a deeper understanding of innovation and embedding a new 'Yohlar mindset' of success - the key to being an authority on innovation.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, therefore we will work with you to develop the optimum level of learning to meet individual, team and organisational needs.

You will be assessed on the creation and validation of work completed in each module throughout the programme as well as the successful delivery of a highly tuned pitch deck.

Duration: 5 Days

Bespoke course & dates to suit you or your organisation.

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Martha Germany

Programme Co-ordinator


Who is this for?

If you are a key member of your organisation's innovation team, or looking to further your development (CPD) within Business Innovation at any level, with our bespoke programme you or your team can achieve a world's first Level 6 Award and gain the authority and recognition you deserve.

Innovation Leaders & Coaches
Business Innovation Consultants
Head of Innovation or Development
Innovation Team Members & Champions
Innovation Trailblazers
Organisations seeking transformation for their own benefit
Innovation Organisations who provide support and facilitate innovation for others

Learning Outcomes

Our unique framework goes beyond familiar innovation toolkits by learning a new set of skills, developing a deeper understanding and embedding a new 'Yohlar Mindset' of success.

Some of the outcomes you will receive by completing our course:


  • World’s first Level 6 Award Certificate on completion of assessment

  • Recognised authority on Business Innovation

  • Encourage and embed our Yohlar mindset

  • Deeper understanding on how to use your business model and value proposition to innovate

  • Learn how to use Yohlar Power of 3 Framework in day-to-day life

  • Work on a project relevant and important to you to actively innovate as you learn

Course Content & Modules

Each interactive module is designed to embed the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to master Yohlar methodologies independently.


An experienced Delivery Consultant supports participants throughout each stage of their journey to reinforce the learning in each module.

  • Module 1 - Induction & Yohlar Power of 3 Framework
    Our first workshop serves as an introduction to Yohlar, the Power of Three Framework and most importantly the Yohlar 'Mindset'. We will spend some time getting to know you, your organisation and your motivations and introducing you to the Yohlar Toolset, Skillset and Mindset, as well as some of the key tools we’ll be using along the way. Learning Outcomes - Understand personal motivations and goals for the future and how these align to the organisation - Understand the mindset of a successful innovator and how Design Thinking aids customer-centred innovation
  • Module 2 - Going Beyond Design Thinking
    In the second workshop, we’ll start to dig more into your project, uncovering your vision and discovering some ways in which you can begin to build an action plan to work towards achieving an actionable, transformative goal. A deeper dive into Design Thinking methodologies will give you the opportunity to explore your idea further and begin to validate it. You will learn how these methodologies apply to real, successful organisations. Learning Outcomes - Use design thinking to explore, grow and validate ideas. - Introduction to the Business Model Innovation canvas and how to use the desirable, feasible and viable criteria to grow and validate an idea
  • Module 3 - Develop a Highly Desired Value Proposition
    The third workshop will begin to focus on your Value Proposition, to sit at the heart of your business model, using the goals and ambitions that you established in the previous workshop. We will look at the internal and external influences on your project, allowing you to develop a valuable business model for innovation and a desirable value proposition. Learning Outcomes - Understand how to identify and evaluate customer segments and run basic validation experiments. - Understand the value proposition and how it relates to differing customer segments, and how your Business Model will support the delivery of the value proposition.
  • Module 4 - Applying Growth Markets & Trends
    This module introduces participants to tools and techniques that allow them to further develop their Business Model through the identification of growing markets and key trends that will fuel innovation. Participants will also begin to identify the key resources that will be required to achieve their vision and goals. Learning Outcomes - Understand how to map the environment to identify new opportunities. - Be able to identify relevant and growth markets and market segments Understand how to identify the appropriate resources to fulfil your idea.
  • Module 5 - Creating a Scalable and Sustainable Business Model
    This module looks at developing business models that generate revenue streams and cash conversion cycles that will maximise scalability and deliver the sustained value, cash flow and profitability needed to scale. Participants will explore the business model testing cycle to produce a fully validated business model. Learning Outcomes - Understand how to define the different revenue streams and be able to identify appropriate resources - Learn how to review various options for the proposed business model - Understand the business model testing cycle and be able to undertake validation tests - Create a complete, validated business model
  • Module 6 - Pitch Perfect
    Participants will be introduced to the 'Yohlar Pitch Formula' which leads to the development and delivery of powerful pitches. Participants will build a structured pitch deck which will capture and communicate their validated proposition, and attract the commitment, resource and finance required to implement the plan and business model. - Understand the importance of storyboarding and how it can help develop a pitch - Prepare a compelling pitch deck and pitch - Deliver a pitch that inspires action

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements to participate in the Level 6 Business Model Innovation qualification.

Only a willingness to learn.

All levels of expertise accepted, our bespoke course will be built around your own or your organisational needs. 

Level 6 Faculty

Learn with the experts who will offer support and coaching all through the programme.

Ammar Profile Pic.png

Ammar Mirza CBE

Yohlar Founder & Business Model Innovation Leader

An energetic and highly motivated business leader qualified and experienced across the public, private and third sectors, specialising in innovation, digital transformation and internationalisation. 


Dr Phil Veal

Director specialising in innovation, creative strategy and design thinking

Design thinker and owner of the Human Centred Design / Innovation agency Silbo ltd and Lego Serious Play Facilitator.


Rob Kleiser

Director at Heyllo! Limited & Skills and Talent Solutions


Passionate about the power of people, and therefore working to advise businesses around all aspects of talent management to ensure their current and future employees perform to the highest performance standards.


Laura Barker

Director of Learning & Development, SME CofE

Working with organisations who want to retain and develop the working parents within their teams by providing coaching and training that supports their growth and increases engagement, fulfillment and productivity.

The whole workshop was excellent!
I was hugely impressed at what we were able to achieve as a team with such excellent facilitators

Jannette Archer, NHS

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