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How does inclusion create innovation in the workplace?

McKinsey defines inclusion as a sense of equality, openness and belonging in a workplace, yet 35 percent of organisations put too little effort into creating an inclusive environment. Primarily as they don't know how or understand the value. Creating this kind of culture can have amazing benefits for every organisation. Companies that prioritise a diverse and inclusive culture are shown to be more profitable, more productive and more innovative as employees feel more engaged with their work and feel able to share and take ownership of new and innovative ideas.

How do I create inclusion within the workplace?

Before you can benefit from innovation that comes as a result of inclusion you must first ensure that your workplace is as inclusive as it possibly can be. The starting point is to undertake a diagnostic, the Yohlar Inclusion Score provides your organisation a benchmark.

Following on from knowing where you are, is where do you want to get to. What does success look like for you? What does inclusion mean to you? No two organisations are the same, so it is important to tailor your inclusion strategy.

A great way this can be achieved is through training/education:

Organisations can invest into diversity training. Education workshops helps raise awareness of unconscious biases, promote cultural competence, and create empathy among employees. By increasing awareness and understanding, organisations can create a more inclusive and innovative workplace culture.

One way to attain these results is through Yohlar's IIF framework (Inclusive Innovation Framework), which is an action orientated and person centred innovation framework to help develop and deliver an inclusive approach that makes a real difference to everyone within your organisation.

Complemented with the utilisation of our Power of 3, based on a 'worlds first' level 6 innovation framework, which is to use the Yohlar Toolkit, gain the Yohlar Skillset and adopt the Yohlar Mindset. This workshop ensures that not only you and your team receive the skills required for an inclusive workplace but that they are also embedded and never forgotten - a true inclusive sticky, sustainable and successful culture.

What are the benefits of inclusion in the workplace?

Once a workplace has policies and training set in place that create an inclusive environment it creates countless benefits. These can include:

Diverse Teams:

Building teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can lead to greater innovation. Inclusive hiring practices ensure that a wide range of voices is represented, inspiring creativity and problem-solving. This will benefit a workplace and business as these ideas may flourish into what the business need to succeed or grow.

Employees engagement and satisfaction:

Similarly, creating an environment where employees feel safe to express their ideas, take risks, and challenge 'standards' is essential for innovation. For this to take place leaders within the workplace play a critical role in promoting psychological safety by encouraging open communication and embracing constructive feedback.

Improved Customer Client Relationships: 

In a diverse place like the UK, inclusive organisations are better equipped to understand and connect with the diverse needs of their clients. By incorporating a range of cultural insights and communication skills, positive outcomes such as improved customer satisfaction and stronger business relationships can be achieved. When your organisation embraces diverse perspectives, it can develop inclusive business and marketing strategies that target a broad audience. This will help position you as a socially responsible brand that appeals to all customers. Recognising the varied backgrounds of customers and clients may enable you to expand your customer base, create loyalty and grow a positive reputation.

Reinforcing and inviting inclusion into the workplace leads to countless benefits for organisations. Diverse teams drive innovation and problem-solving, while psychologically safe environments boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

Investing in diversity training and education sometimes just isn't enough. Innovation training such as Yohlar's Inclusive Innovation Framework (IIF), further enhances inclusivity and innovation by embedding a new mindset and culture across your organisation.

Inclusive organisations better understand and connect with diverse clients, leading to improved customer satisfaction and stronger business relationships. Embracing diversity positions organisations as socially responsible businesses, expanding their customer base and creating a positive reputation along the way.

Yohlar is the most powerful inclusive innovation framework. Don't just take our word for it:

'Really informative and has transformed the way in which I will take to situations.'-Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria

'Crystalizing the impact mindset can have on innovation.'- Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria

'Great opportunity to use expertise to drive better outcomes for patients'- Biogen

Find out more about Yohlar's inclusion through innovation by following this link:

Inclusion Through Innovation (


The whole workshop was excellent!
I was hugely impressed at what we were able to achieve as a team with such excellent facilitators

Jannette Archer, NHS

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