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The Yohlar mindset of success!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Why do some organisations achieve rapid growth and success whilst others do not?

Is it their location? Their technology? Their business model? Their skills? Their technology? The answer is none of these factors DRIVE success!

What does DRIVE success is MINDSET!

It’s ‘the way’ that successful people think about themselves, their organisation and the world that makes the difference. Such differences in thinking can be subtle in nature but transformational in effect.

So, with mindset being the central driver of success, embedding the right mindset must be the primary focus of learning and development programmes – right?

Wrong! The stark reality is that a focus on mindset is often non-existent, with the focus instead being placed on providing people with a knowledge and understanding of what are often outdated models and theories.

Recognising that such outdated approaches do not adequately release the potential of people, we created Yohlar!

Based on the belief that everyone can deliver value, Yohlar is a unique, worlds’ first and most revolutionary approach to learning and development. It’s based on rigorous research into what drives the world’s most successful organisations and delivers a suite of qualifications that embed the Yohlar Mindset.

In addition, Yohlar provides participants with the contemporary toolset and skillset needed to launch new ventures and deliver business model innovation.

The Yohlar Mindset of success consists of 4 interrelated dimensions:

  • People with the Yohlar mindset BELIEVE that: that they can develop and execute scalable business models, they believe that they can rewrite the rules, they believe that opportunities are in abundance and they believe that problems are opportunities in disguise.

  • People with the Yohlar Mindset THINK: ‘what if’, they think ‘just do it’, they think that if it isn’t broke then break it, they think that failures are opportunities to learn, they think that stretching goals and visions are exciting, they think that they can always be better and they think that they can be better than the competition.

  • The BEHAVIOURS exhibited by people with the Yohlar Mindset are: Proactive, energised and positive, continuously seeking out new problems to solve, ruthless in holding themselves and others to account, highly disciplined, focused on the vital few things that will deliver the most value and proactive in communicating and reinforcing success.

  • The VALUES held by people with the Yohlar Mindset are: that they and their organisations are here to deliver sustained and increased value to their customers, they value people and their potential, they value the role that technology plays, they value the role enterprise can play in making the world a better place and they place huge value on recognising and rewarding high performance.

Central to Yohlar is a community of people who are all tuned into the Yohlar Mindset. A community committed to supporting one another’s journey and success. Being surrounded by people with the Yohlar mindset is infectious, injecting positivity, building self-belief, and raising energy levels through the roof – as a community, we can achieve anything that we apply our mindset to!

If you want to succeed, if you want to unlock your true potential, if you want to be surrounded by a group of people with a shared mindset and a commitment to make you the best that you can possibly be then Yohlar is for you?

Discover more about the Yohlar Mindset and learn 5 secrets to unlock your innovation power as part of the upcoming Innovation Workshop by clicking the button below.


The whole workshop was excellent!
I was hugely impressed at what we were able to achieve as a team with such excellent facilitators

Jannette Archer, NHS

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