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6 Methods to help you find your next idea

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Taking a moment to stop and take a step back is a fantastic thing to make a hobby out of. Losing control when you’re under pressure is almost guaranteed to result in mistakes being made. Taking that moment to reassure yourself and collect your thoughts can help you to plan and make the right moves. However, being amongst the complications of day-to-day usually means that it can be slightly more difficult to take that step back.

  • Daydream – Daydreaming typically goes against the principles of productivity, however daydreaming can be pretty useful when you’re looking for your next idea.

  • Friends and family – Looking to friends and family members with more years of experience can help you to justify your ideas or simply tap into your inner circle for a fresh outlook on your ideas.

  • Blocking time – You might need to re-think your calendar if you don’t have enough time available to carve out for idea generation. This is a process that deserves time so you can clear your head and take a step back from any distractions.

  • Ditch the phone – Phones have become a huge distraction and have only become worse with easy access to millions of apps and social media networks.

  • Get outside – Many entrepreneurs swear by a simple walk or run outdoors as a method to clear your head and allow space for idea generation.

  • Breathing exercises – Controlling your breathing can be a great way to free your mind of current stresses and remove distractions. Next time you feel stressed or under pressure, try box-breathing (or any other exercise), and then go back to your work.


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