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10 Expensive surprises your organisation will face as you grow

Updated: May 10, 2022

When starting an organisation, it's important to keep the costs under control which can be hard. Your new success could even give you a false sense of security, making big investments seem more workable than they really are. Here is a checklist of things you don’t want to do:

  1. Over-promising- a customer has requested a large order and you have agreed on a time it will be ready for when you know that’s impossible.

  2. Unsatisfied customer – when the large order is not delivered by the day promised the customer becomes unhappy.

  3. Quality dropping – cutting corners cannot always be rewarded. When cutting corners level of products and supplies can drop dramatically,

  4. Not paying on time – Let down and disappointed, the customer holds on to payment while arguing quality.

  5. Disappointing suppliers – suppliers that have never let you down and have always supplied before the deadline, suddenly start missing the deadlines and delivering late.

  6. Slow staff – hiring staff to get work completed faster seems like a good idea at the start. This idea also requires a lot of the organisation’s time to train the staff and make sure they are up to date with what task’s they are completing.

  7. Limited work area – when the organisation is growing, more staff are hired and bigger machines are installed making the space seem very crowded.

  8. Systems struggling – those basic systems (that paper-based account book, for example, that worked well when you were just starting) are suddenly straining under the pressure of more people and higher turnovers.

  9. Limited time – with so many tasks to complete, it will feel like you haven’t got a spare moment to yourself.

  10. Stressful home life – when a lot is happening at work and other people notice your stress, they can become worried for you.


The whole workshop was excellent!
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