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How do you innovate?

Learn to fix and make things better for yourself, your organisation, or help others Innovate with our
Power of 3 Framework.

Innovation: how to fix things or make them better.

Yohlar can help by...

Learning to utilise our Power of 3 Framework
through a variety of bespoke training courses, modules and workshops,
will help you innovate for yourself, your organisation or for others.

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Find the tools

From Design Thinking to Business Model Innovation methodologies, Yohlar provides people with a suite of world class tools and teaches them how to use them - properly.

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Learn the skills

Yohlar provides all participants with a deep understanding of how to utilise our tried and trusted methodologies. 

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Embed a new Mindset

Having the right mindset is fundamental for success

Yohlar's training is designed to develop your perception, thought, behaviours and values. 

Introducing the Power of 3 Framework

Our suite of learning experiences, resources, and qualifications is designed to equip individuals and teams with the necessary tools, skillset and most importantly, the mindset to innovate.


Our training courses are built on our revolutionary ‘Power of 3'.

With a focus on business model innovation, whether you are a startup, innovation coach or a scaling business, our training courses are designed to empower individuals and organisations alike.

Learn to Transform with Innovation

Our training courses are built on our revolutionary ‘Power of 3'.

Learn 'with' the experts

"Have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal and focus on that relentlessly. Discipline is the single biggest contributor to reaching your goal, believe in yourself and learn, learn, learn."
- Ammar Mirza CBE, Leading Business Model Innovation Expert & Founder of Yohlar

As leading innovation experts, we provide a unique, world-first approach to learning and development that unlocks your potential and drives impactful change – we help you fix things or make them better!

Fuel Your Creativity From Our Innovation Experts

Are you ready to stay ahead of the innovation game? Look no further!

Our blog is your ultimate destination for the latest news, trends, and insights in the world of innovation. From expert advice on the best practices to interesting reads, we've got you covered. Join the conversation and let's create a better future together!

Organisations we have worked with...

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Please feel free to contact us on the phone number or email address below:


01661 823234

Address: 17 Main Street, Ponteland,

Newcastle Upon Tyne,

NE20 9NH

The whole workshop was excellent!
I was hugely impressed at what we were able to achieve as a team with such excellent facilitators

Jannette Archer, NHS

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