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Yohlar Success Stories

Having the right mindset is fundamental for success.

It’s ‘the way’ that successful people think about themselves, their organisations and the world that makes the difference. 

We believe it's the adoption of our Yohlar Mindset which has helped the following organisations and business owners create that success.​

People with the Yohlar Mindset of Success...

BELIEVE - that they can develop and execute scalable business models & problems are opportunities in disguise.

THINK - that if it isn’t broke then break it, they think that failures are opportunities to learn & they can always be better.

BEHAVE - proactively, energised and positive, continuously seeking out new problems to solve, focused on the vital few things that will deliver the most value.

VALUE - people and their potential, they value the role that technology plays, they value the role enterprise can play in making the world a better place.

Case Study - Research & Innovation Integrated Care Board for North East and Cumbria - NHS England

Aejaz Zahid (Executive Director)

Aejaz Zahid engaged Yohlar to help develop and deliver a Rapid Discovery and Stakeholder Engagement Session to identify barriers and opportunities across the Innovation Pathway.

Yohlar incorporated the Yohlar Power of Three - mindset, skillset, and toolset - to deliver an interactive, inclusive, and engaging session that led to the creation of a Research and Innovation Strategy, and the launch of the Health and Life Sciences Pledge. with buy-in from all stakeholders.

Success Story - Asian Business Connexions

Jalf Ali (Director)

Asian Business Connexions is a not for profit social enterprise that aims to connect, support and promote the Asian and wider communities. 


ABC launched the #Inclusionbydefault campaign that aims to help improve inclusion across the North East.  They needed a framework to help organisations become more inclusive, focusing on the positive attributes rather than any negative experiences. 

ABC adopted our Yohlar Discovery Toolkit to help meaningfully engage Stakeholders and develop a bespoke roadmap unique to each organisation. 


This helped to exploit their strengths, address any barriers while helping change beliefs and behaviours. 

Jalf ali (1).jpg

Success Story - Nicander

Derek Lister (Managing Director)

Nicander is a scaling Intelligent Transport Systems company that has grown exponentially.  They develop and deliver world class Digital Solutions to help improve and enhance passenger journeys across all modes of transport. 


Derek wanted to develop and embed an innovative culture within his organisation, adopting our Yohlar mindset and using our exclusive Yohlar toolkits to do so.

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